Original Epoxy Plant Pot

We explain how to create original epoxy planters from recycled plastic containers.
Your molds will be infinitely recyclable, so you can create several models and let your creativity go wild!


Choose 2 plastic containers of different sizes, spray them with a mold release agent and drill holes for tie wraps.

Dos and Don'ts

The difference between the 2 sizes of your containers represents the size of your epoxy planter (ref: # 1). You can use any size of recycled plastic container, as long as there is no printed label as the print will be transferred to the expoxy (ref: # 2). 

It is important to pour the bottom first and let it harden before pouring the sides, otherwise the bottom will not be thick enough (ref: # 3). We recommend that you use a release agent before pouring the epoxy, otherwise it will be difficult to release and be able to reuse your containers (ref: # 4).

TIP: Before starting your project, pour water into your mold to calculate the amount of epoxy needed to create your planter


You can pour your epoxy planter in several layers. Here we used metallic color pigments (ICE6914 Black Ice Pearl) and sphagnum moss inserts.


You can cast flower petals, pine cones, dried fruit or, as in this example, coffee beans. Here we used metallic color pigments mixed with epoxy dye (ICE7103 Bright White and Black Epoxy Dye). The finishing of this pot did not require any sanding or polishing.


You can have fun creating all kinds of color variations from the metallic pigments and dyes. Here we have used different colors from our 20 Epoxy Dye kit and added some metallic pigments (ICE7103 Bright White) and ICE6914 Black Ice Pearl for the bottom of the pot


We've tested it for you

The Technical data sheet

It is important to consult the technical data sheet before using the product. ICE THIN has a short cure time and a MAXIMUM CASTABLE AMOUNT. If you exceed the maximum quantity, there is a risk that the product will overheat.

The Safety Data Sheet

Although ICE THIN is an easy to use product with no harmful odors, we strongly recommend that you review the Safety Data Sheet before using it.

Mixing and stirring

Stir well along the inner wall of the container and then let it stand for 3-5 minutes. We recommend turning gently, without taking out of the container, scraping the bottom and sides of the container well until the mixture becomes homogeneous. Avoid turning quickly, either manually or mechanically, and thus form a vortex which will introduce a large amount of air into the mixture. Subsequently, these microscopic air bubbles will appear during the exotherm of the product (the heat will increase the bubbles which will rise to the surface).

More tips to prevent bubbles

It may be best to choose these ways to prevent bubbles. You can choose to heat part A (the resin) to 30°C using a hot plate. A vacuum chamber can also be a good tool to eliminate bubbles.


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Crystal clear casting epoxy used for top coating or light casting with thicknesses smaller than 1 inch. ICETHIN has a low VOC content, for user safety and reduced environmental impact. The low color and low viscosity allow for crystal clear castings ideal for art and hobby applications.

Pigments and Dye collection

Create amazing epoxy effect in a unlimited effect variations.