Z Aqua-Thane M35 - Ice Epoxy
Z Aqua-Thane M35 - Ice Epoxy
Z Aqua-Thane M35 - Ice Epoxy
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Z Aqua-Thane M35



Z Aqua-Thane M35 is a water-borne, two-component, self cross linking polyurethane coating. It exhibits a satin finish and offers superior stain, abrasion and chemical resistance. The durability makes this sealer ideal for high-traffic areas. Z Aqua-Thane M35 is safe for indoor or outdoor use. 100% countertop safe.

  • Provides a matte/ satin, abrasion resistant finish.
  • Very slight incidental darkening on colored concrete (no darkening on white concrete).
  • Excellent chemical resistance.
  • UV Resistant
  • Fast drying

Coverage - 50-75 sq. ft. @ 2 coats (one 1.25 qt. kit)

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Aqua-Thane G40 vs. Aqua-Thane M35 - The G40 has a high gloss finish and will darken or "wet out" the concrete very similar to when water is applied to an unsealed surface. The M35 has a matte/ satin finish with very slight darkening on colored concrete.

Note: If a darkening effect with a satin finish is desired, one coat of the G40 can be used first to darken the concrete followed by 1-2 coats of the M35 to create the satin finish. They can also be used in reverse to create a gloss finish without any darkening. For this, start with at least 2 coats of the M35 (then test with water to make sure it is well sealed and no G40 will get through to the concrete), then apply 1 coat of the G40 to add a gloss layer.