Ice Epoxy offer high performance architectural, craft and casting resin.

We are a leading North American manufacturer of high-quality casting epoxy used to make woodworks and crafts. Our products are also competitively priced – so you get both high quality and cost-effectiveness. 

We carry out ongoing testing to make sure that our products meet the most stringent standards and provide the best performance.


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Ice Epoxy is a Game Changer

The low viscosity led to very few suspended bubbles. While pouring, they floated to the top and released with ease. That was a game changer for me. I was also impressed with the smell, or lack thereof. There was zero smell. The results were phenomenal. Proud to be a user of Ice Epoxy and a new member of #iceepoxynation.

Jeff Mahoney

QUALITY & Affordable Epoxy

When I first came across epoxy I never expected it to become such a impact in my daily life. I had tried a couple other brands, but one was just too expensive for me to learn with and the other just didn’t have the quality. I thought about just sticking with wood and that’s when I've been directed toward Ice Epoxy. I bought a kit and instantly within the first pour knew that this was the game changer for my hobby.


Awesome and so reasonably priced

Couple pours this weekend with More Iceepoxy, Icecast and Icethin this stuff is awesome and so reasonably priced pours aren't breaking the bank anymore

Ryan Mowgli Landry

Amazing to work with Ice Epoxy

Cedar and Epoxy magnetic knife block!! We used Ice Cast Epoxy for the first time. I can say with strong feelings we will definitely be using this more in the future. No bubbles, cures evenly and amazing to work with.

Lynward Woodworks

Phenomenal! No need to layer

Olive wood cutting board! Eye Candy Gage Green with Ice Epoxy Ice Thin. We have to say that Ice Thin is a phenomenal epoxy for projects 1” or less in depth one pour. No need to layer!


I'm so in love with this resin!

I have several resins that I really, really like, but I have to say this one is at the top of my list. It has all the factors that I love: durability / hardness, great working time, no odour, UV resistant, fast cure time, hardly any bubbles, great effects, doesn’t irritate/burn my skin like some other resins do, easy clean up, works well with most pigments, lower than average temperature while in use which saves on my hydro bill.


Excellent Epoxy

This is an excellent epoxy for my purpose, large cutting boards where I need to pour 1.25 inches deep. If you use good epoxy techniques (YouTube is your friend), you will get excellent results. Hardens crystal clear with no bubbles. you are doing epoxy projects requiring deep pour epoxy, with its current price, this product is a no-brainer. Caution: Playing with epoxy is addictive!

Bernhard S.


Awesome clarity and Zero bubble

One pour tested at 3 inches and 32°C. Highest quality crystal clear raw materials Easiest resins for craft, tables and casting. Thanks to Ryan Jones from Modern Wood Creationz our distributor in Australia. 

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